16 Field Regiment's Korean efforts recognised

27 May 2011

The Reviewing Officer the Korean Minister of Patriots and Veterans Minister Park walking through inspecting the 16th Fd Regt soilders on Parade (20110526_K1028040_0009).
The Republic of Korea’s Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs Hon Sung Choon Park reviews the guard during yesterday's ceremony (20110526_K1028040_0009).

Lieutenant Colonel Matthew Boggs, Commanding Officer of 16 Field Regiment, has been presented with a citation by the Republic of Korea's Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs Hon Sung Choon Park recognising the regiment's service and heroism during the Korean War.

The unit citation insignia was also presented to veterans of 16 Field Regiment, Royal New Zealand Artillery at the ceremony at Linton Camp on 26 May.

Serving personnel of 16 Field Regiment can wear the insignia to recognise the regiment's efforts during the Korean War.

Veterans' Affairs Minister Judith Collins held bilateral discussions with Minister Park at Linton Camp.

"New Zealand and the Republic of Korea have a special relationship that began on the battlefield more than 60 years ago," Ms Collins said.

"Minister Park has personally travelled to New Zealand to present the citation to the Regiment, which is a sign of the close relationship that has developed between our two countries."

In 1950 16th Field Regiment (16 Fd Regt) was established as New Zealand's contribution to the Korean War. Along with 10 Transport Company, a Divisional Signals detachment and two Navy frigates, New Zealand servicemen deployed in theatre on 15 December 1950. As part of the 27th Commonwealth Brigade they were eventually deployed north of Seoul in the area of the Kapyong Valley in early April 1951.

From the 22-25 April massed waves of communist soldiers were repulsed using a combination of infantry holding ground and artillery fire support. At times gun fire was directed onto friendly infantry positions as it was the only way to break up attacks, and by 26 April the communist forces had withdrawn.

The battle was intense; 16 Fd Regt fired some 10,000 rounds in its duration.


AUDIO - Six Decades on, NZ Veterans receive Korean War Citation - Radio NZ Morning Report 27 May 2011 08:28
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