Photo Caption 0016: Commander of Joint Forces, Air Vice Marshal, Peter Stockwell (COMJ) on left with Captain, Fleet Operational Support, Dean McDougall (CFOS) on right assessing earthquake damage in Lytttelton.

Sunday 27 February 2011

The Chief of Defence Force Lieutenant General Rhys Jones is visiting Christchurch today and will make contact with NZ Defence Force assets while in the city.

There are 1113 NZ Army personnel committed to assisting civilian agencies in the region along with 129 Singapore Army (SAF) personnel.

Yesterday 100,000 litres of water was produced/delivered by the NZ Defence Force.

Two Environmental Health teams are in Christchurch liaising with the Ministry of Health.

Catering support is producing 1900 breakfasts, 2200 lunches and dinners and 350 midnight meals per day.  All up close to 20,000 meals have been delivered since the earthquake.

HMNZS CANTERBURY provided 500 meals into Lyttelton centre and 50 packaged meals for NZ Fire Service. Members of all 3 ships’ companies, PUKAKI, OTAGO and CANTERBURY provided a BBQ at the scaled down Lyttleton Summer Festival community event ashore.

150 aircrew and support personnel remain committed with 300 passengers moved from Christchurch in last 24 hours and 1842 moved in total.

148,000kg of freight has been facilitated by the RNZAF in the last 24 hours.

A Royal Singapore Air Force C-130 Hercules completed a Whenuapai –Christchurch - Wellington task transporting water, freight, as well as evacuating some people.

There are 261 Regular Navy personnel and 23 Reservists committed in  the Lyttleton area.

CANTERBURY departed Lyttelton 0700 heading to Wellington where she will reprovision stores and water.

She will return full, leaving in the early hours of Monday morning, carrying containers, 35 vehicles including a Fuel Tanker, vans, 4WD vehicles, stores and water.

She will also carry 11 vehicles including 9 trucks with engineer bridging equipment on board,and generators including a 120KVA and military personnel.

HMNZS OTAGO and PUKAKI assisted by reservists from HMNZS PEGASUS will continue to support Lyttelton town civil defence and assigned tasks during CANTERBURY’s brief  absence.

HMNZS RESOLUTION will  conduct a survey of Akaroa Harbour and part of Lyttelton

A Boeing B757 will transfer engineers, St John and Wellington Free Ambulance personnel, Urban Search and Rescue Personnel and territorial soldiers

RNZAF C130 Hercules will transport Police and freight from Wellington to Christchurch.

Two RNZAF Iroquois helicopters remain on task in the city with other aircraft standing by.


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Photo Caption 001: Commander of Joint Forces, Air Vice Marshal, Peter Stockwell (COMJ) on right with Captain, Fleet Operational Support, Dean McDougall (CFOS) center.

Photo Caption 005: Major General Tim Keating, Chief of Army center in discussion with Army personnel.

Photo Caption 0016: Commander of Joint Forces, Air Vice Marshal, Peter Stockwell (COMJ) on left with Captain, Fleet Operational Support, Dean McDougall (CFOS) on right assessing earthquake damage in Lytttelton. 

Hospital Water Supply Restoration

Digging holes may not be a glamorous job, it is however one of the many jobs that needs to done to get services restored to the city following the Christchurch earthquake.

New Zealand Army Engineers have been involved along with many other agencies in the task of restoring the city services.

One of the tasks is to restore water to the Burwood Hospital as part of the process of enabling the hospital to return to full function. 

“These sort of jobs are what our plumbers do day to day for our normal work here in New Zealand or deployed, but doing it here in Christchurch and being able to make even a small difference for the community is both gratifying and humbling” says Lieutenant Dean Harris.

Picture  20110226_WN_S1015650_0020:  Sapper Lucas Baldwin (right) and Staff Sergeant John Broderson work the shovels as they repair a broken water main at Burwood hospital while Lance Corporal Brendon Richards stands ready with the digger.

Seawater to Drinking Water

The Christchurch earthquake damaged the water supply system to most of the homes in the city.  While the city has two rivers they are unusable for drinking making water a high priority.

While water is being brought in to the city, another innovative solution was to convert sea water into fresh water.

Engineers from the New Zealand Army have set up a desalination plant at New Brighton to produce fresh pure drinking water for those who need it in the New Brighton area.

“Army Engineers have many skills from plumbing to construction and even road building, but it is the ability to produce much needed water today that makes our job worthwhile” says Lieutenant Michael Clulow (or Staff Sergeant Mark Roberts)

The plant is designed to produce 2000 litres of water per hour which enables the army to self sufficient on operations where clean water is scarce.

Picture  20110226_WN_S1015650_0033:  Staff Sergeant Mark Roberts helps the distribution of water to New Brighton residents

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