'Marching Out' of Defence course into the workforce

22 September 2010

Family and friends of 94 young people from the central and lower North Island will watch them 'march out ' this Saturday from the Limited Service Volunteer (LSV) programme being delivered by the Defence Force at the Trentham Military Camp .

The LSV programme is a 6-week residential course providing life skills to unemployed young people between the ages of 17-25. It is run by the New Zealand Defence Force and NZ Police on behalf of Work and Income and is funded by the Ministry of Social Development. 

The participants undergo a programme of intensive lectures, workshops and physical activities designed to develop core values of respect, team work, and trust, to boost self confidence and self esteem. All LSV activities are geared at assisting those on the course to confidently and skillfully enter the work force and to arm them with life skills for the future. The aim of the programme is that those who graduate will return to their home towns as more productive citizens.        

The Officer Commanding this course, Squadron Leader Pete Rowe,  says that, “Many will now feel they have a genuine chance at competing in a tight job market whilst others will be given a sense of strength to deal with issues in their lives and make positive choices for change.”

“Significant changes can be seen in volunteers at the end of the programme. They exhibit a strong sense of self belief, self worth, confidence, grooming and an increased ability to communicate and interact with others,” notes SQNLDR Rowe. 

LSV courses have been held at Burnham Military Camp in the South Island  for over 20 years.  LSV courses only began to be run at Trentham in April of this year, and since then over 180 students have graduated from the programme. This year up to 2000 trainees in total will go through the LSV courses at Trentham, Burnham and at Hobsonville, in Auckland.

WHAT: LSV Course C01/11 Graduation Parade

WHEN: Saturday, 25th September. 10am – 12pm.

WHERE: Trentham Military Camp, CIT Building car park off Somme Road 


For further information please contact Zen Gregor, Defence Communications Group on 021 840 358

Media are invited to attend the graduation at Trentham on Saturday.



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