New Defence Force website launched

13 December 2010

The New Zealand Defence Force has launched a new website designed for young people to give them a better understanding of life in the Navy, Army and Air Force.

The website,, has been created to provide a fun and engaging forum where young people can find out about the NZ Defence Force and a variety of other topics.

 “We have many young New Zealanders who don’t understand what the NZ Defence Force is really like. Unfortunately some of those who wish to work in one of our Services show up for an interview and don’t possess the right qualifications for the role they want.  For example, to be a pilot in the Air Force you need maths and physics.”

“The website provides a window into our world. It’s aimed at increasing viewers’ understanding, eventually allowing them to make decisions such as the right school subjects to select for the job they want - if they choose to join”, says Commander Nigel Philpott, Director of Strategic Recruiting for the NZ Defence Force.

The website features a young presenter, Cam Bisley, who appears in videos and blogs on the site as he goes “backstage” to explore bases and camps, meet service people and investigate military equipment.

There’s also a series of insiders’ guides on the NZ Defence Force and it’s all very easy to navigate across a variety of social media.

“We’re already using interactive channels through our current television advertising and it’s proving very successful with each ad generating considerable follow up through the net and social media. 

“OperationHQ is the next step in the rejuvenation of our public face. It lets young New Zealanders see what we’re up to on land, sea and air, here and around the world”, says Commander Philpott.


For further information contact: CDR Nigel Philpott 04 498 6816 or mobile 021 676 2501

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