Navy Court-Martial

30 November 2010

The Court-Martial of New Zealand will sit at 9:00 am on 6 December 2010 to try a naval rating charged with ill treating a person of lower rank contrary to section 41(b) of the Armed Forces Discipline Act 1971. The court-martial will take place at the Palmer Building, HMNZS PHILOMEL, Devonport, Auckland.

As the evidence relating to the charge is sub judice, no further information relating to the charge or the ranks and names of the personnel involved will be promulgated at this time.


Point of contact for all media inquiries is Lieutenant Sarah Campbell, Senior Media Adviser-Navy on 021 244 0638.

Media wishing to attend Court Martial -For security reasons, please note that we require names of all personnel intending to visit the base in advance, and on the day photographic identification will also be required.  An escort will be provided on arrival. 

Written authorisation is also required for any “expanded media coverage” of the court-martial.

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