Australian Navy cadets go to sea on CANTERBURY

Colours Ceremony
89 members of the Royal Australian Navy on the flight deck of HMNZS CANTERBURY for the daily raising of the white ensign in a Navy ceremony called Colours. (MC10-0372-013tn)

4 November 2010

The Royal New Zealand Navy’s Amphibious Sealift vessel, HMNZS CANTERBURY will be home to 89 Royal Australian Navy Officer Cadets (Midshipmen and Sub Lieutenants) and seven staff members for the next three weeks.

The young Officers joined CANTERBURY in Devonport, Auckland on Tuesday evening and will be onboard experiencing life at sea for the first time as the ship transits to Townsville Australia and back to Devonport over the coming weeks. The ship is travelling to Townsville to uplift NZ Army personnel and vehicles for return to New Zealand as they complete Exercise Hamel with the Australian Army.

This is the first time the Australian Midshipmen have been to sea during their training. Whilst onboard CANTERBURY they will be completing a “sea acquaint” series of  tasks which will see them working within different departments onboard the ship and learning about life at sea.

“Having the Australian Cadets onboard shows the close relationship we have with the Royal Australian Navy and CANTERBURY is happy to be able to provide the environment for these young officers to take their first steps to sea,” said Commander Jim Gilmour, CANTERBURY’s Commanding Officer.

“It is our task to ensure that the experience is challenging and enlightening and it is hoped that the cadets will have a clear picture of what life is like at sea for our Junior Sailors by the time we get them safely back to Auckland.”

“CANTERBURY is ideally suited to providing this training environment as she is capable of accommodating and feeding up to 260 troops in addition to the ship’s core crew”  he said 


Our Amphibious Sealift ship CANTERBURY can sustain Army and Air Force operations throughout the Pacific and Asia for weeks at a time.

Please contact Lieutenant Sarah Campbell - Media Adviser- Navy on 021 244 0638 for further information.


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