Defence Force welcomes Government’s White Paper

2 November 2010

The Government’s Defence White Paper sets out a blueprint for delivering a versatile, responsive and affordable Defence Force over the next 25 years, says the Chief of Defence Force.

Lieutenant General Jerry Mateparae today welcomed the launch of the Defence White Paper, noting that the White Paper predicts the next quarter of a Century is likely to be more uncertain for New Zealand than the 25 years just past.

“The White Paper anticipates growing pressures on New Zealand’s resources, especially our oceans, and growing uncertainty in a number of Pacific Island states,” he says.

“Therefore the Government has signalled a substantial investment in new and enhanced military capabilities. These represent exciting opportunities to be better prepared for the security challenges of this Century.

“At the same time, the Government has sought assurance that current Defence budgets are targeted at where they can deliver the best value to New Zealand.”

Lt Gen Mateparae pointed to the White Paper’s direction that resources be shifted from the Defence Force’s ‘middle’ and ‘back’ support functions to its deployable front-end capabilities. By 2014/15, the Defence Force has been told it must free up $100m from the Defence Transformation Programme, and up to $250-$300m from other Value for Money (VfM) initiatives, on an annual recurring basis.

“The Defence Force’s senior leaders believe these targets while challenging, are necessary. The Government has given us the blueprint for a strong and vibrant Defence Force of the future, now we in the Defence Force must get on and turn that blueprint into action,” says Lt Gen Mateparae.

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