Low flying Hercules takes on Manawatu

View from the front of Hercules(WB 10-0038-040)

View from the front of Hercules(WB 10-0038-040)

3 September 2010

Royal New Zealand Air Force C-130 Hercules will be flying low over the Manawatu between 6 – 10 September as part of TACEX, No. 40 Squadron’s Combat Qualification exercise.

The aim of the exercise is to train and re-familiarise aircrew in C-130 tactical operations, such as live airdrop operations, combat off-load procedures, and 250 ft minimum separation distance flight.

Based out of Air Force Base Ohakea, the day time flights will steer clear of built up areas, with drop zones set up near Ohakea and at Raumai.

Hercules Flight Commander, Squadron Leader Andy Scott said TACEX ensures aircrews are familiar with the type of operations that are often used in overseas deployments.

“Flying an aircraft at 250ft, conducting airdrop operations and mountain flying can present aircrew with a number of challenges. The training on TACEX means crews are able to perform professionally and with confidence when it comes to flying in combat situations or disaster relief.”


For further information please contact Anna Sussmilch, Defence Communications Group, on 04 496 0294 or 021 420 899.

Background Notes

Number 40 Squadron is located at RNZAF Base Whenuapai. The Squadron operates five C-130H Hercules and two Boeing 757-200s. The Squadron forms the Fixed Wing Transport Force of the New Zealand Defence Force Elements and provides:

  • Strategic air transport
  • Tactical air transport
  • Support to the government
  • Support to the NZ Antarctic programme
  • Disaster relief and humanitarian operations
  • Aero-medical evacuation
  • Civil Defence support in NZ and the South Pacific and
  • VIP air transport.
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