Air Force's newest recruits graduate

Air Force graduation ceremony at Woodbourne
Recruits take to the parade ground at Air Force Base Woodbourne (WB 10-0164-040)

2 September 2010

After 13 weeks of training, 39 Air Force recruits recently stepped up to a career in the Royal New Zealand Air Force.

In front of family and friends, the graduates from Command and Recruit Training Squadron marched out onto the parade ground at Air Force Base Woodbourne. Reviewing Officer for the parade was Colin King, MP for Kaikoura.

The parade included a drill display, a physical training display and a performance of the RNZAF Haka, Ko Te Taua-A-Rangi. Taua-A-Rangi means ‘war party of the sky’.

Commanding Officer RNZAF Training Group, Group Captain Stephen Davies Howard said the training the recruits receive is challenging and is designed to prepare new enlistees for service in the RNZAF.

“Those who graduate from the Command and Recruit Training Squadron are well prepared to serve the RNZAF and the wider community. The course is not easy; it demands a lot from those who go through it.

“These graduates have proved worthy of the challenge and deserve to share a great sense of personal and corporate pride as they celebrate their success and look to the future. The RNZAF offers each one an interesting and rewarding career.”

The new graduates can now look forward to further specialist training in any one of the Air Force’s diverse technical trades or as aircrew.


For further information please contact Anna Sussmilch, Defence Communications Group, 04 496 0286, 021 676 338,

Note to Editors: Biographies of the trophy winners from the course will be sent to local papers.

On 14 April 2003 Command Training Squadron and General Service Training Squadron amalgamated to form one unit, Command and Recruit Training Squadron. The new Squadron is made up of three flights, Recruit Training Flight (RTF), Non-Commissioned Officer Training Flight (NTF) and Command Training Flight (CTF).   
Recruit Training Flight is responsible for the Induction and Basic Military Training of all other ranks personnel.   
Over a 13-week training programme the essentials of Discipline, Teamwork, General Service Knowledge and Military Skills are taught so that at the end of the course graduates are capable of taking their place in the Air Force, in peace and on operations.    

The course is also designed to enable trainees to be fully prepared for trade training.   

The course is a mix of academic and practical subjects.  Field training is carried out at Dip Flat Camp. While at Woodbourne, recruits live in 16-person dormitories where they learn to develop teamwork, tolerance, discipline and respect for others.

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