NZ Army Band opens Diamond Jubilee Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

The NZ Army Band in Edinburgh
The NZ Army Band in Edinburgh (photo courtesy of Kimberly Brady)

8 August 2010

Billed as ‘one of the world’s most exciting military bands’, the New Zealand Army Band performed the introductory Fanfare at last night’s Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo’s opening night alongside the Band of the Brigade of the Gurkhas.

According to the Band’s Director of Music, Major Leanne Smith, being asked to perform the Fanfare is an honour as well as an acknowledgement of the band’s skill and expertise.

“The whole Tattoo goes for approximately one and a half hours and in that time we are performing three times – the Fanfare, our individual performance and then straight into the Massed Bands and Finale,” said Major Smith.

“The organisers chose us because we are well trained and can be relied on to perform at our best every time – despite the rigorous performance schedule.”
The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo goes from the 6th to the 28th of August, totalling 26 shows on the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle. It is the longest running and most prestigious of all international tattoos, being viewed by over four billion world wide each year.

As one of the big “headline acts”, the NZ Army Band has immense international popularity and crowd drawing ability.

“We got a very positive reaction from the audience and it was an enormous thrill for the Band,” said Major Smith.
“You never really know how well you will be received until opening night. The Haka in particular got a huge cheer, but then we also get them clapping when one of our Band members actually sings Boogie Wonderland.”

The Band’s performance includes displays using music from some very popular artists such as Michael Bubblè, Earth Wind and Fire, and Tchaikovsky. There is also a taste of music from Colonel Bogey, Get Smart and even some Scottish Dancing.


For more information on the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo check out the website

For more information on the New Zealand Army’s involvement or to attend the performance please contact Kimberley Brady, Communications Manager on 021 243 1411 (NZ), 075 8720 4781 (UK)

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