HMNZS CANTERBURY open to Nelson public

HMNZS CANTERBURY leads fleet into harbour. (MC10-0076-002)

05 August 2010

The Commanding Officer of HMNZS CANTERBURY, Commander Jim Gilmour, invites the people of Nelson to view the Navy’s Sealift and Amphibious Support Vessel while they are in port. 

The public will have the chance to meet the crew of CANTERBURY and have a look through the Navy’s largest ship.

What: HMNZS CANTERBURY open to the public.
When: Sunday 8 August 2010 from 1:30pm to 4pm. Lines will close at 3:30pm.
Where: McGlashen Wharf, Port of Nelson.

Ship Specifications:
Displacement: 9000 tonnes
Length overall: 131 metres
Beam: 23.4 metres
Speed: 19 knots

Core ship's company: 53
Flight personnel: 10
Government agencies: 4
Army ship's staff: 7
Trainees: 35
Troops: 250
Total: 360

Propulsion: Diesel engines
Flight deck: Space for two helicopters
Armament: 25mm and two .50 calibre machine guns


For more information please contact Lieutenant Sarah Campbell Senior Media Adviser-Navy on 021 2440638.

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