Navy deployment providing tri-lateral training opportunity

30 May 2010

Royal New Zealand Navy Frigate HMNZS TE KAHA and her embarked Seasprite helicopter joined warships from Japan and the United States yesterday in training manoeuvres in the Pacific.

TE KAHA is enroute from Shanghai, China, where she supported the New Zealand exhibition at the World Expo, to Canada, where she will take part in a fleet review with the Canadian Forces (Navy).

Taking advantage of an opportunity to train with other ships in the region during her passage to Canada, TE KAHA participated in tri-lateral manoeuvres named Exercise Goodwill by joining up with two frigates from the Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force and a United States Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, off Japan’s Pacific Coast, adjacent to the Tsugaru Strait.

TE KAHA, the JS CHIKUMA and JS JINTSU, and the USS JOHN S. McCAIN  made a rendezvous on Saturday morning to conduct manoeuvres, while the ships also worked in with shore-based Japanese aircraft and Te Kaha’s Seasprite Helicopter.

Defence Force spokesperson Commander Phil Bradshaw says these kinds of passage exercises – or 'PassEx' as they are known in the Defence Force - provide ships with opportunities for practising manoeuvring and station keeping with one another; help build an appreciation of each others' capabilities; and foster goodwill among coalition friends and partners.
Meanwhile, fleet replenishment ship HMNZS ENDEAVOUR, in company with Australian frigate HMAS NEWCASTLE, continued her journey to Canada. TE KAHA will rejoin ENDEAVOUR today.

For further information please contact Phil Bradshaw, Director Defence Communications Group, on 021 441 493.

Currently there are 768 NZ Defence Force personnel deployed on 14 operations, UN missions and defence exercises in 10 different countries around the world

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