Top prefects put to test

Sudents attending the Head Prefects Conference in Wellington spend half a day with the Army at Trentham Military Camp
Head boys are put through one of the physical challenges at Trentham Military Camp. (WN 10-0103-009).

7 May 2010

Thirty-three of some of New Zealand’s future leaders had their skills put to the test by the Army in Wellington today.

Head boys from schools around New Zealand were challenged at Trentham Military Camp by Army Psychologists and Physical Training Instructors in tasks similar to what you would experience in Army leadership training.

“We exposed them to different methods of functional leadership to help them in their roles as head boys,” says Army Recruiter Captain Mike Rendall.

“They were tested on aspects such as job delegation, working to timings and solving problems in a group in both leadership and leaderless exercises. Of course, there was some physical training involved as well.

“It gives the students a taste of the type of leadership skills you’d learn throughout an Army career,” Rendall says.

Desmond Benefield, Head Boy at St John’s College in Hamilton, says many of the exercises would test you on the spot to see how well you would respond.

“It was a good learning experience and it helped develop skills for my role at school.” 
Scots College Head Prefect Nick Wellwood says they were faced with different challenges like commanding groups.

“It was good to meet head boys from other schools and talk about the different challenges we face.”

Desmond and Nick say there was some healthy rivalry between the schools.

The Army session is part of a two-day, NZ Association of Boys Schools Head Prefects Conference that finishes today.


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