Defence Force exercise in central north island

4 May 2010

Soldiers from Linton have deployed into the Manawatu, Rangitikei, and Wanganui districts for a three week exercise that will test their individual and team skills in a variety of situations ranging from urban fighting, tactics, and casualty management, to negotiating with community leaders.

The Combined Arms Task Group which includes infantry using Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV), engineers, artillery, medical and logistics personnel will be carrying out tasks for the next two weeks around Levin, Santoft, Marton, Wanganui and Patea, before culminating in a live fire exercise in Waiouru.

“The soldiers have been building individual skills and this exercise allows those skills to be tested both individually and as a group” says exercise controller Major Mike Van Welie.

Agility and innovation will be the key to success in this exercise which is preparing the soldiers for deployment overseas in combat operations or providing assistance following a natural disaster.

“Working as a Combined Arms Task Group is exactly what we would be doing in any operation either for peacekeeping or for disaster relief.  Each part of the Army and Defence Force has its own specialty; the power is when they are combined.”


There are currently 1112 New Zealand Defence Force personnel deployed on 14 peacekeeping operations, UN missions and defence exercises across 10 countries.

For further information or media wishing to attend any of the scenarios, please contact Paul Stein, Communications Advisor (Central) on 06 351 9077 or 021 409 033.

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