Employer support recognised at awards ceremony

13 April 2010

Awards for employers who support the service of their staff in the reserve forces of the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) will be presented in Wellington tonight.

The Territorial Forces Employers Support Council (TFESC) Awards are presented each year to the civilian employers of reserve force military personnel who have nominated their employer in recognition of outstanding support they have received.

Reserve service in the Army or the Navy is a voluntary commitment that personnel make in their spare time and which can place a burden on an individual’s civilian employer said the Director General of Reserve Force, Brigadier Sean Trengrove.

“Army and Navy reservists have the opportunity to serve overseas on peace-support operations and training exercises.  Typically such service requires significant support from employers who must manage without their staff for the period of the deployment which can range from seven days to more than six months.

“There are a wide range of employers nominated this year from both the public and private sectors.  A TV cameraman from Auckland, an Ambulance paramedic from Canterbury, a business equipment salesman from Otago and a Policeman from Wellington are amongst the individuals who have nominated their employers for recognition. 

“These individuals served on both peace support operations and training exercises across the globe from the Solomon Islands to Afghanistan, and everywhere in between.

“It is important that the NZDF recognises the sacrifice employers make in supporting their reserve force personnel, who, in turn are vital to the effective operational functioning of the NZDF on a daily basis”, said Brigadier Trengrove.

When: Tuesday 13 April from 5.30pm.
Winners announced around 6pm.
Where: Grand Hall, Parliament.


Contact: Lieutenant Jeremy Seed: 021 0233 2663.

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