Navy ship OTAGO on way to Auckland

 HMNZS OTAGO April 2010
HMNZS OTAGO, (photo credit: Andrew McKinnon)

6 April 2010

The first of the Royal New Zealand Navy’s Offshore Patrol Vessels, HMNZS OTAGO, is midway through her delivery voyage from Melbourne to Auckland.

HMNZS OTAGO left Melbourne on Saturday 3rd April, and is expected to arrive in Auckland on Friday 9th April.

HMNZS OTAGO is the first of two Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) purchased under the $500 million Project Protector. 

HMNZS OTAGO and her sister ship WELLINGTON will deliver substantial new capability to the Royal New Zealand Navy. The ships can go further offshore, stay at sea longer, and conduct more challenging operations than the Navy's Inshore Patrol Vessels, and will enable the RNZN to conduct patrol and surveillance operations around New Zealand, the Southern Ocean and into the Pacific.

The engine faults that delayed OTAGO’s delivery voyage have been fixed by BAE Systems engine manufacturer under terms of the ship's warranty.

A welcoming ceremony for HMNZS OTAGO is planned at the Devonport Naval Base on the afternoon of Friday 9th April, including a haka to welcome the ship, a performance by the Navy band, and afternoon tea for the families of the ship's company and VIPs.


Additional Information:

HMNZS OTAGO was accepted into the fleet by the Chief of Navy Rear Admiral Tony Parr on 18 February 2010, in Melbourne.

The OPV’s are capable of many roles including maritime patrol, surveillance and response. They have the ability to conduct helicopter operations using a Seasprite SH2G helicopter, boarding operations using the ships Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats, or Military Support Operations with embarked forces.

The OPV’s have strengthened hulls which enable them to enter southern waters where ice may be encountered. They are not designed as ice-breakers or to enter Antarctic ice-packs, but have the range and capability to undertake patrols in the southern ocean where ice may be encountered.

The ships are highly automated and operate with a core crew of 35, plus 10 flight crew to operate a helicopter. The ships power and control systems are fully computerised.
Displacement   1600 tonnes   
Length      85 metres   
Beam       14 metres   
Speed      22 knots   
Range      6000 nautical miles   
Propulsion 2x Mann Burmeister & Wain 12RK280 diesels producing 5400 kW   
Core Complement      35                                                 
Flight personnel     10   
Multi Agency Complement     4   
Additional personnel     30   
Total Complement         79   
Boat Capacity 2 x 7.3 m Zodiac RHIB   
Deployable by 2 x Powered Davits 


Media are invited to attend HMNZS OTAGO’s homecoming at Devonport Naval Base. Point of Contact  Lieutenant Sarah Campbell, Media Adviser Navy 021 244 0638.

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