Navy ships depart on four month deployment

31 March 2010

Royal New Zealand Navy Frigate HMNZS TE KAHA and Fleet Tanker HMNZS ENDEAVOUR will depart over the coming week on a four month deployment to Asia, Canada, and North America.

Navy spokesperson Commander Phil Bradshaw says; "Navy ships regularly deploy to Asia. On this deployment TE KAHA and ENDEAVOUR will first exercise with Singaporean, Malaysian and Australian forces in the South China Sea. 

TE KAHA will then proceed to Shanghai to support the New Zealand exhibition at the Shanghai EXPO, while ENDEAVOUR visits South Korea."

"After visiting China and South Korea the ships will sail to Canada to mark the centenary celebrations of the Canadian Navy. On their return voyage the ships will sail down the West Coast of the USA, and then across the Pacific to New Zealand via Hawaii."

During this voyage TE KAHA and ENDEAVOUR will visit the civilian ports of Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, San Diego and Honolulu.

"While in port, TE KAHA and ENDEAVOUR will 'fly the flag' for New Zealand, including hosting guests and holding open days for the public," says Commander Bradshaw. 

"Promoting New Zealand is a routine part of the Navy's role when deployed overseas.  While sailing through US waters TE KAHA and ENDEAVOUR will not be involved in military exercises with US forces."

ENDEAVOUR leaves Auckland today and TE KAHA on April 6.


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