HMNZS OTAGO's voyage delayed

22 March 2010

The homecoming of the newest member of the Royal New Zealand Naval Fleet, Offshore Patrol Vessel, HMNZS OTAGO, has been delayed due to faults found in her engines.

OTAGO was carrying out sea trials off Melbourne to test her systems when the faults were found.

The initial investigation has identified that the issues need to be rectified before departing for Devonport Naval Base and OTAGO is alongside in Williamstown. 

Technicians from the engine manufacturers M.A.N, and the ship’s builders B.A.E, in Melbourne, are working with the ship’s engineers to repair the faults.

It is expected that the repairs will delay the delivery voyage by some days as parts may have to be sourced from overseas. 

HMNZS OTAGO is under warranty.


Contact - Commander Phil Bradshaw, Director Defence Communications Group phone 021 441 493.

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