War pensions and allowances to increase

02 March 2010 

All War Pensions and Allowances available to veterans will increase from 1 April as part of the annual cost of living adjustment, Minister of Veterans’ Affairs Judith Collins said today.

The increase of 1.96 per cent equates to the increase in the cost of living for the year to December 2009, as measured by the Consumers Price Index (CPI). It recognises that the increased cost of living for veterans is a concern.

“Veterans who rely on their pension and allowances to help fund healthcare and other necessities shouldn’t be disadvantaged by the increased cost of living,” Ms Collins said.

Examples of the increases are:

  • A veteran on a 100 per cent War Disablement Pension will now receive a tax free payment of $191.86 per week.
  • A Surviving Spouse’s Pension will increase to $141.52 per week, tax free. 
  • All allowances will be adjusted in line with the increase in the Consumer Price Index.
  • The adjustment of War Pensions and Allowances is an annual occurrence.

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