Gallipoli ceremony highlight for Navy band members

Members of the Navy band that are travelling to Gallipoli for ANZAC 2009
Members of the Navy band, travelling to Gallipoli for ANZAC 2009 (MC09-0108-001)

16 April 2009

Representing the New Zealand Defence Force at the Anzac Day ceremonies at Gallipoli will be a highlight of the year for seven members of the Royal New Zealand Navy Band.

The seven make up a small contingent of NZDF personnel, including Brigadier Kevin Riordan, who will represent the Chief of Defence Force, Principal Defence Chaplain Don Parker, and Contingent Commander Squadron Leader Craig McIntyre who will take part in the Australian-led Anzac Day dawn service on 25 April.

The Navy band and members of the Australian Army Band will provide music during the overnight program and the commemorative services.  Last year over 10,000 people attended the Anzac services at Gallipoli and similar numbers are expected this year.

Navy Petty Officer Musician Riwai Hina said, ”I have had numerous career highlights in my time in the Navy but spending Anzac day in Gallipoli this year and representing my grandfather who was in the 28th Maori Battalion has got to top the list.”

The catafalque party will be formed by members of the NZDF currently serving the Sinai and Australian Federation Guard members.  Dignitaries and members of the public from Australia, New Zealand and Turkey, as well as other nations, will attend the Dawn Service and later services on Anzac Day.

On Anzac Day over 700 New Zealand Defence Force personnel will be serving overseas on operations, UN missions and defence exercises. 


Image details (L-R): Leading Musician Craig Thompson; Able Musician Colin Clark; Chief Petty Officer Musician Michael Tan; Lieutenant Commander Keith Anderson; Petty Officer Musician Chris Lawrence; Petty Officer Musician Riwai Hina and Leading Musician Craig Rhodes.

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