Visit to Home Port for Navy Tanker

HMNZS Endeavour
HMNZS Endeavour (WN09- 0132-59)

9 March 2009

The Naval Fleet Replenishment Ship, HMNZS ENDEAVOUR departed the Devonport Naval Base this morning bound for New Plymouth where she will conduct an operational port visit from Friday 13 March to Monday 16 March 2009. The Commanding Officer and his crew will reaffirm the very strong links in their homeport region prior to joining Navy frigate HMNZS TE KAHA for a short work up period. 

With ENDEAVOUR’s 21st birthday approaching on the 8 April, it is fitting that she will be in her home port to embark the Lady Sponsor, Mrs Janet Wrightson-Lean for her first passage onboard the ship on Monday 16 March 2009.

Mrs Janet-Wrightson Lean, wife of the then Mayor of New Plymouth, commissioned ENDEAVOUR in Korea on 8 April 1998, and has been eager ever since to travel onboard.  The Commanding Officer of ENDEAVOUR, Commander David Toms, is looking forward to proudly showing off ENDEAVOUR’s fine condition, capability and crew on sailing.

 “ENDEAVOUR is a very fine ship; she has steadfastly served our Navy well and I look forward to showing Janet our operations at sea. We will meet up with HMNZS TE KAHA off New Plymouth and conduct an underway Replenishment. Janet will be impressed by the Ship’s Company’s capability and witnessing the evolution, two ships 20 metres apart, transferring fuel underway at 12 knots.

Providing Janet with this opportunity is important to the crew of ENDEAVOUR. She and the Taranaki community have maintained a warm relationship with ENDEAVOUR and all her visiting crew’s over the years.  Prior to this we are looking forward to the visit to New Plymouth, which will provide rest and recreation for the Ship’s Company who are undergoing intense evaluations from specialist staff onboard, in order to ‘work – up’ for a deployment to Asia in the first half of the year”, he says.

ENDEAVOUR will depart New Plymouth at 1:00 pm on Monday 16 March to meet up with HMNZS TE KAHA before heading further south to Wellington where both ships will berth from Friday 20 March to Monday 23 March. 

Early April 2009 will see ENDEAVOUR, in company with frigate HMNZS TE MANA; depart for China and South East Asia.  The ships will participate in a Chinese Fleet Naval Review in Quingdao in late April and thereafter participation in the annual Exercise Bersama Lima Five Power Defence Arrangement exercise.


The Fleet Replenishment Ship HMNZS ENDEAVOUR is the third ship to bear the name in the Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN). The first two, both ex US Naval vessels, were originally used in support of the NZ Antarctic Programme from 1956 to 1962 and 1962 to 1971 respectively, and he original being the HM Bark ENDEAVOUR that carried Captain James Cook, RN, on his first voyage to New Zealand.

Unlike her predecessors, the present ENDEAVOUR has been built specifically for the RNZN.  Although built essentially to a commercial tanker design and standards, she has been fitted with a variety of specialised equipment to permit her naval role to be fulfilled.

HMNZS ENDEAVOUR carries supplies and fuel for RNZN, Commonwealth and Allied surface units.   She can resupply ships at sea, or in overseas ports from the 7,500 tonnes of fuel in her eight tanks, or the supplies held in the four containers on deck.  Additionally ENDEAVOUR can provide fuel to helicopters fitted with in flight refuelling.

On 8 April 1988, ENDEAVOUR was commissioned for service with the RNZN and departed Ulsan, South Korea on her delivery voyage to New Zealand on 14 April 1988.
ENDEAVOUR’s motto ‘Nil intentatum’ means ‘Nothing unattempted’.  Her crest features a navigator’s compass and the stars of the Southern Cross, symbolising the pioneering navigations and survey work of Captain Cook.

Her home port is New Plymouth and she supports the New Plymouth charity organisation ‘Idea Services’, an organisation that cares for people with various disabilities in the wider Taranaki community.

Length:    138 m
Displacement:   7300 tonnes
Speed:    14 knots
Complement:   50 (Officers and Ratings)
Commanding Officer: Commander David Toms
Executive Officer:  Lieutenant Commander Sandra Walker
Pennant Number:  A11

It is in New Zealand’s national interest to have a robust, combat-ready Defence Force that can quickly and actively get involved – be it in our own back yard or on the other side of the world.


For further information please contact Lieutenant Commander Barbara Cassin, Media Adviser (Navy) 021-2440638.

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