Seaboat Incident during Joint Naval Exercise

17 March 2009

At approximately 0900 on Tuesday 17 March, during a routine transfer of personnel between HMNZS CANTERBURY and the Australian amphibious ship HMAS KANIMBLA in the eastern Tasman Sea, CANTERBURY’s boat was partially swamped by a large swell while it was alongside the KANIMBLA.

Onboard the RHIB were six personnel, including four Australian soldiers being transferred to KANIMBLA. As a consequence five personnel entered the water, no one was seriously injured and the personnel will be returned to their ship later today.

After an inspection for seaworthiness the RHIB returned to CANTERBURY under its own power. None of HMNZS CANTERBURY’s RHIB launch and recovery systems were involved in this incident. An internal investigation into the incident is underway.


For further information please contact Commander Shaun Fogarty, Defence Communications Group 021 441 493.

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