Territorial Force Officers Graduate

16 February 2009

The Honourable Heather Roy, Associate Minister of Defence, will review the Territorial Force Commissioning Course (TFCC) officer graduation and Onwards Day Parade at Waiouru on Tuesday 17 February.  Both TFCC graduates and Cadets graduating from initial officer training will be parading in Waiouru.

The TFCC is a seven week programme designed for those with the potential to undertake a career in the NZ Army as a Territorial Force Officer. 

The Territorial Force or Army Reserve offers the best of both the civilian and military worlds, allowing its members to maintain a full-time civilian career while serving part-time in New Zealand's Army and producing tomorrow’s leaders in both the Army and the Private Sector.

The Onwards Day Parade is held to signify the transition and acceptance from Initial Officer Training (IOT) or as it used to be called, Basic training, into the Corps of Officer Cadets.  During the parade the Reviewing Officer will present members of the initial officer training course with their New Zealand Corps of Cadets dress embellishments.  

Twenty graduates will be commissioned at the TFCC Graduation, including three women.  TFCC graduates come from regions across NZ including Otago, Napier, Auckland, Palmerston North and Christchurch.

There will also be 96 Cadets joining the NZ Corps of Officer Cadets at the Onwards Day Parade. In accordance with tradition, the TFCC graduates will be become newly commissioned officers at midnight on the 17th of February 2009, when they will have their ‘pips’ pinned on by family or others who have supported them throughout their training.

The New Zealand Defence force has 44 troops - predominately Territorial Force soldiers - in the Solomon Islands at the request of the Solomon Islands government, and is working alongside other supporting nations, including Australia, Fiji, Tonga and Papua New Guinea.

Currently 488 New Zealand Defence Force personnel are deployed on 14 operations, UN missions and defence exercises around the world, in places such as Antarctica, Afghanistan, Timor-Leste, Sinai, and Korea.  

For more information please contact Bas Bolyn, Media Adviser (Army) on: 04 496 0285 or 021 478 574.

Note to editors: If interested in graduates from your local area please register your interest by 5.00pm today, to ensure relevant imagery is taken.

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