Force 4 Families Steering Group


Force 4 Families Project Group

The Force 4 Families Steering Group comprises spouses/partners of senior Defence Personnel from all three services.

We are a volunteer family group who want to promote initiatives that support our Defence families.

Force 4 Families Steering Group Aim

Our aim is to be an steering group for projects that support CDF’s top priority of better connecting, informing, and assisting NZDF families.

We recognise that a powerful strength behind our Defence and Civilian workforce is the family and whanau that surround them.

It is our intent to make it easy for families to  find and access information on the services available to them.  We will also pass on hints and tips that others have contributed with the hope that it will make our NZDF families feel more connected and supported.




This page was last reviewed on 29 November 2017.