NZDF Supporters Medallion

The launch of the NZDF Supporters Medallion, coincided with the United National International Day of Families – 15 May 2017.  Families Day is of special significance to Force 4 Families not only to promote family wellbeing but also as this was the day it was launched back in 2015.
Proud to receive her NZDF Supporters Medallion

The NZDF Supporters Medallion is a tangible recognition of the huge contribution that family members play in supporting personnel, and NZDF operations.

Family could be your best friend, your spouse or partner, children, a parent, an in-law – or anyone else in your life that you feel especially close to, who has supported and stood by you in the work that you do at NZDF.  The medallion is also for those wanting to show their support of NZDF.

The supporters medallion can be engraved with a personal message on the reverse.  Wear the medallion on the right-hand side to show your support for NZDF.

The medallion can be purchased from each of the service museums for $21.50 (plus postage): National Navy Museum, National Army Museum and the Air Force Museum.

This page was last reviewed on 13 December 2017.