Children’s Deployment Storybook

A book has been created to help children work through the emotions they experience when their military mother or father deploys.
Copies of the children's deployment storybook 'So Special'

The book 'So Special' was written by David Hill, illustrated by Nikki Slade Robinson, and published by David Hill; it was developed by the NZDF Directorate of Psychology in collaboration with NZDF Force 4 Families.

The children’s story book ‘So Special’ was created as a resource to support family, whānau and caregivers of deployed NZDF personnel.  It is dedicated to all those children who sacrifice time with their Mum or Dad so that these special parents can serve New Zealand/Aotearoa.

The story book has been developed to help parents, whanau and caregivers talk to their children about the feelings and emotions they are experiencing.

The book is available in English and Te Reo Māori. The Te Reo Māori version was kindly translated by the Māori Language Commission.

The book is aimed at children 6−8 years old, and can also be read to younger children.

For families with deployed personnel, Homebase, a Joint Forces NZ website, supports our deployment community.

This page was last reviewed on 14 December 2017.