NZDF Social Work

Our NZDF Social Work team are here to work with military members and their whānau/families to support their wellness and operational readiness. Our Social Workers provide input to support command with the wellbeing of their people. 

The NZDF Social Workers are registered health professionals who work alongside other NZDF health professionals and have strong networks with community social services.

Types of Work we Can Assist With

  • Family and relationship issues
  • Moving and being away from home
  • Health concerns including alcohol and mental health
  • Work and finances
  • Family violence, abuse or neglect
  • Advocacy
  • Cultural support

So What is Social Work?

Social work is all about helping people develop strategies that work for them to overcome challenges or problems. Social Workers meet with individuals, families and groups to develop plans with them for issues and problems. Social Work also identifies what social issues are occurring at a community or population level and develops strategies to prevent or reduce the causes of these issues.

Social workers are experienced at early detection of issues and building programmes or interventions that target prevention of social harm.

How do I Get in Touch With an NZDF Social Worker and Where are They Located?

There will be an NZDF Social Worker at each camp and base very soon.

At the moment you can connect with a social worker at the locations below:

Whenuapai – RNZAF Base Whenuapai at Arawa House
Phone: (09) 417 7049 or 021 904 361

Linton – Linton Army Camp at Health Org
Phone: (06) 351 9918 or 021 922 159

Burnham - Burnham Army Camp, Powles Road (next to the Conference Hall).
Phone: (03) 363 0807 or 021 921 762

Devonport – We have two social workers at the Navy Community Organisation
Both Social Workers can be contacted via the 0800 Navy Help phone line or 0800 628 94357

Waiouru - Waiouru Military Training Facility, Health Centre
Phone: (06) 387 6759

Wellington - Trentham Military Camp and HQ NZDF
Phone: 021 905 251

This page was last reviewed on 10 July 2018.