Mortgage Broking


Milestone Direct are the official provider of financial advice and mortgage broking services to members of the NZDF and the Defence Community. This means you get free assistance with:

You’re offered many benefits by using a mortgage broker, including:

    • Saving yourself hassle – no need to negotiate with the banks yourself;
    • Protecting yourself from lenders trying to sell you insurance or other stuff you don’t need because of the great deals already available to NZDF personnel;
    • Probably saving yourself money by getting a better rate;
    • Access to nearly all main banks, and even other lenders if you lack a full deposit;
    • Receiving assistance and advice during every step of the process;
    • Access to alternative lenders for activities such as property development;
    • Getting better choices – receiving recommendations on what’s best for you.

Milestone Direct financial advisers are also familiar with the needs of NZDF personnel and can save you hassle by already understanding a range of circumstances you may be in because of serving your country. This could include familiarity with your conditions of service such as postings, understanding NZDF accommodation policies, and prior knowledge of NZDF superannuation schemes which you might rely upon for a deposit.

This service is provided free to you, as Milestone Direct are paid by the bank or lending institution who provide your mortgage. Unlike most mortgage brokers, this mortgage broking service is provided by Authorised Financial Advisers (AFAs), who must put your interests as a client first. As AFAs are highly qualified in a range of areas, if you request it, these AFAs can also look at your whole financial situation and provide financial advice areas such as investments, retirement planning, KiwiSaver, and insurance.

If you’d like to reach out to a mortgage broker, see below for contact details. Or to learn more and download the 'Smart Borrowing Package' head to Milestone Directs mortgage broker webpage.


Phone: 0508 MILESTONE (0508 645 378)
Web: Leave an online query

Milestone Direct presentation: What term should I fix my mortgage for?

A Disclosure Statement is available on request and free of charge.


This page was last reviewed on 11 May 2018.