Member Insurance Benefits Programme (MIBP)

The Chief of Defence Force provides a staff insurance package for all NZDF regular and reserve force and civilian (permanent and fixed term) members, this package is called the Member Insurance Benefits Programme.

This insurance package has been tailored for NZDF by Aon (NZDF insurance brokers). As at 1 July 2017 the insurer for the NZDF MIBP changed from Sovereign to AIA New Zealand.  This change was a result of a rigorous remarket exercise which NZDF requires every five years to ensure it is getting the best value for money and also the best terms and conditions for MIBP members.  Five leading insurers who specialise in this type of insurance were asked to tender for the business.  After a comprehensive evaluation carried out by NZDF and Aon the decision to appoint AIA New Zealand was made. 

As a result of this remarket exercise, NZDF and Aon have been able to negotiate a number of benefit enhancements to be phased in from 1 July 2017, including:

  • Increasing the Tier 1 MIBP Life & Terminal Illness cover to age 80
  • Enhancements to the physical loss policy
  • MIBP to be offered to former Defence members, with an initial focus on personnel who served from 1 January 1990 onwards and their families, paid for by the member - coming soon!
  • The option of funeral cover for Defence community members, to be paid for by the member, at NZDF discounted rates. Visit the Aon MIBP website and click on the MIBP Tier 5 - Funeral Plan tile for further details. Alternatively visit to apply online.


Civilian brochure  PDF | 5.37 mb

Regular Forces brochure  PDF | 7.68 mb

Reserve Forces brochure  PDF | 6.36 mb

Regular Force and Civilian Insurance upon leaving NZDF  PDF | 267 kb

Reserve Force Insurance Continuation of Insurance after deployment  PDF | 289 kb

Funeral plan PDF | 589 kb

Registration form

MIBP registration form PDF | 1.87 mb | 2 pages

Policy documents

NZDF Income Protection Schedule & Policy Issued 27 Aug 2015  PDF | 1.8 mb

NZDF Life Policy Issued 20 Aug 2015  PDF | 770 kb

NZDF Life Schedule Issued 20 Aug 2015  PDF | 239 kb

Frequently Asked Questions

NZDF FAQ for Regular Forces and Civilians 1 July 2017  PDF | 6.90 mb | 40 pages

NZDF FAQ for Reserve Forces PDF | 5.46 mb | 40 pages

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