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INFORCE INSURANCE, in association with Lumley Insurance, a business division of IAG Insurance Limited, has proudly been the official provider of domestic insurance for the New Zealand Defence Force and the Defence Community since 1998.

We provide a full suite of domestic insurance products which have been designed for the specific needs of both military and civilian NZDF personnel as well as retired and Territorial/Reserve Force personnel and families. 

Specially designed policies include:

Barracks Insurance: Covering personal effects and military equipment and gear you are issued with, while you are living in barracks

Lumley Insurance

Contents Insurance: Covering your home contents, personal effects and the military gear and equipment you are issued with, at your flat or residence, or while temporarily stored elsewhere.

Home Insurance:  Covering houses, including investment properties you own.

Motor Insurance:  Covering cars and motor cycles.

INFORCE INSURANCE recognises that working in the NZDF environment is very different from other organisations, so we have included several unique features for you. These include:

  • Special extensions to the policy covers, such as automatic storage cover when you are posted, recognising the uniqueness of your working environment.
  • Premium discounts for all INFORCE policy holders.
  • Easy monthly premium payments.
  • A dedicated team of advisors who also recognise your special needs, to help ensure you have the best policies for your personal situation.

For all enquiries simply phone 0800 4 INFORCE where one of the Lumley Inforce advisors will be happy to help you. 

Fire Service Levy increase effective 1 July 2017 - Impact on price for the Inforce Home and Contents policies

Recently the government announced the new Levy rates for fire and emergency services.

We are working on changing our systems for these new levies to take effect at the renewal of each policy from 1st July 2017.

Annual policies will have the new levy applied at annual review and customers will see the following additional paragraph in their Annual review letter from mid-May onwards.

You may be aware the Government will be increasing the Fire Service Levy, which takes effect from 1 July 2017. We are required to collect this levy through insurance premiums, which we then pass onto the Government, just like GST.

The details of the levy changes are as follows: 

  • The levy for home and contents will increase by 3.0 cents per $100 of insurance covered, to 10.60 cents per $100 of insurance covered.
  • The levy for vehicles is a flat rate, and will increase from $6.08 to $8.45 per year.

The Government is planning a major reorganisation of the Fire Service to set up Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ) that combines urban and rural fire services from mid-2017.  More information about the levy and how the increases will be applied have been made available by the Government at

Policies paid fortnightly or monthly not going through annual review during July will have the new levy applied at their July Direct Debit payment.

Inforce customers will be sent a letter 30 days prior to this.

This page was last reviewed on 12 April 2017.