New Zealand Defence Force FlexiSaver Scheme

Open to NZDF members, family members and Veterans, regardless of age. You do not have to be a current NZDF member to join the Scheme.
The purpose of the NZDF FlexiSaver Scheme is to help members achieve their savings goals, while retaining some flexibility (e.g access to funds determined by the member).

Key features

  • Benefits for the membership include a low fee structure, reflecting that the NZDF has arranged the Scheme for you, not to generate a profit.
  • Contributions may be made via NZDF payroll (if you are an NZDF member), via internet banking or direct debit.
  • You determine how much you wish to contribute and how frequently. (If you are an NZDF member and making contributions through NZDF payroll, you must contribute a minimum of $20 per pay, otherwise you can contribute by direct debit or internet banking.)
  • Lump sum saving contributions are also able to be made, via internet banking.
  • There are fewer restrictions than applying in KiwiSaver Schemes on how much you may withdraw from the NZDF FlexiSaver Scheme or how frequently.
  • You choose how you wish to have your funds invested from seven options, e.g Cash, Conservative, High Growth.
  • Daily calculation of fund balances.
  • The ability for NZDF members to continue contributing to the Scheme after they leave NZDF.
  • Eligibility across the five Schemes for monthly rewards of $250 prezzy cards and two larger rewards each year, to a total value of $50,000 per year, provided by the Scheme manager.
  • Licensed Manager and issuer is Mercer (N.Z.) Limited.
  • Financial advice available through Milestone Direct Limited.

Refer to the information kit for more information on the NZDF FlexiSaver Scheme, including the Product Disclosure Statement and Member Booklet.

Participation Agreement - The New Zealand Defence Force FlexiSaver Scheme [PDF]

NZDF FlexiSaver Scheme - Application Form [PDF | 520KB]

Lump Sum Contributions - The New Zealand Defence Force FlexiSaver Scheme [PDF]


This page was last reviewed on 19 August 2019.