Financial Tools

To help you work out how much money you need to save for your retirement there is a Retirement Income Simulator calculator on the Mercer Superfacts website.

We all have a different comfort level around investment risk. Knowing what type of investor you are can help you make decisions about what type of fund best suits you e.g. moderate, balanced, growth. Mercer has developed a Quick Investment Quiz that you might like to take.

To access the calculator or the quiz, click through to the Mercer Superfacts site below


Tools to help you manage your money better has a range of online tools available to help you manage your money.

Mortgage calculator
See what a mortgage costs, find out what the repayments might be, or find a quicker way to pay yours off using the sorted mortgage calculator.

Create a budget that keeps pace with your lifestyle using the sorted budgeting tool

See how much your different debts are costing you, and find the fastest way to be debt-free using the sorted debt calculator.

Retirement planner
See whether you're on track financially for the retirement lifestyle you want using the sorted retirement planner.

Goal Setting
Where do you see yourself? Many goals in life need money and a plan - the sorted goal-setting tool will help you take the first steps to make them happen.

Visit to see more handy hints and find more useful tools to help you manage your money better.

This page was last reviewed on 21 September 2016.