NZDF Financial Capability Programme 2017

The NZDF Financial Capability Programme is aimed at providing NZDF members and their families with the tools to make the best financial decisions for themselves. 

There are a number of programmes on offer at camps/ bases and HQNZDF during 2017.


1. Get Your Money Fighting Fit

  • Wondering where your money goes each pay?
  • Would you like to make your money go further?
  • Sometimes overwhelmed by general household bills, the cost of debt and repayments?
  • Have you got plans for the future that you need to save for?
  • Want to learn money skills that will set you up for life?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then this Money Management Course is for you!

NZDF has teamed up with the Commission for Financial Capability ( to bring a 6 week programme to you and your family.  The time commitment is approximately 3 hours per week, primarily during working hours.  Covering key aspects of personal finance and money management, the “Get Your Money Fighting Fit” programme applies to all of us, no matter what stage we’re at. The results can be life-changing, not just at work but at home too.

The programme will cover topics like budgeting, debt management, goals, savings, your personal money management system, retirement, KiwiSaver, investing, insurance, wills, power of attorney and buying a house.

This is a fantastic opportunity to get really focussed on your money, making a plan and setting yourself (and your family) up for the future, don’t put this off, its important stuff!!

The programme is available to RF, TF/Reserve Forces and civilian personnel.

Testimonials from NZDF Pilot Programmes run last year:

  • Financially I was a bit haywire but I now believe I have enough knowledge to make changes to get myself in a better position financially.
  • I have already passed on to all of my juniors that this course is one of the best courses Defence has offered to its people and if there is another opportunity to do it they should jump on board.
  • My husband came to the family day and understands what I'm trying to do and we are now on a budget and fortnightly allowance's each. We are focused are repaying out debts and getting our own home.
  • Everything was relevant to me I didn't know any of it, and as younger guys in the barracks we now talk more about investing than spending.
  • I would like to thank you for your invaluable knowledge and giving up your time to come out and help us all out. Because of your expertise I have gotten myself out of debt, now have financial goals, and may actually stick to a budget! Not to mention all the other information given.


2. Financing a Home Seminar – available also to family members

  • An introductory seminar for those who are considering buying a home (whether existing or new build).
  • This seminar covers growing a house deposit and who can help with buying a first home, the right mortgage for you, sales and purchase process and the fundamentals of financing a home.


3. NZDF investor education programme

  • 2-3 hours per week over four weeks
  • Modules cover investing via KiwiSaver, achieving investment goals, shopping around and getting advice, investment strategy to spread risk/looking after your portfolio.

To find out more about the programmes and when they will be offered at your location email  Mark Williamson, NZDF Benefits Manager or watch for local communications.

This page was last reviewed on 28 August 2017.