Financial Advice

Milestone Direct has been appointed by the NZDF as official financial advice provider to all NZDF employees, their families and the wider Defence Community. Milestone Direct has an intimate knowledge of the products and services exclusively available to members of the Defence Community, such as:

Through Milestone Direct you have access to:

  • Exclusive products and services, such as membership of the New Zealand Defence Force KiwiSaver Scheme – a scheme where serving NZDF personnel receive extra one-off contributions.
  • A network of authorised financial advisers: specifically trained to understand what is on offer to current and past NZDF members and their wider families.
  • Advisers who must place your interests first. Each financial adviser will always act with the utmost integrity – you’re in safe hands.
  • Specially negotiated pricing. Some of the financial advice fees are paid by NZDF or the NZDF schemes and some fees are paid directly by you, however, they are at discounted prices. For example, you have access to:
    • Free basic financial advice about NZDF investments by calling Milestone Direct during work hours or emailing anytime,
    • Free mortgage advisory services, and
    • Heavily discounted financial advice for retirement planning and general financial planning.
  • Strong compliance and governance oversight. The NZDF and Milestone Direct have entered a transparent partnership designed to ensure you receive quality, fit for purpose financial advice, including open book pricing.
  • A wide range of solutions. Milestone Direct can advise on all NZDF schemes plus additional financial products and investment strategies such as property investment.

Rest assured that Milestone Direct have a solution to meet your needs. Milestone Direct has a team of advisers who will deliver all initial and ongoing advice if your situation can be dealt with via phone, email, Skype, or other electronic methods. If you need an in-person meeting, an adviser from Milestone Direct may travel to meet you or refer you to one of the accredited Milestone advisers located around New Zealand. Accredited advisers have a slightly higher fee structure reflecting your more unique situation.

Unlike other advisers, Milestone Direct are also familiar with the needs of NZDF personnel and can save you hassle by already understanding the range of circumstances you may be in as a result of serving your country. This could include financial advice regarding your conditions of service such as postings, understanding NZDF accommodation policies, and prior knowledge of now-closed superannuation schemes.

Milestone Direct understands the unique demands placed on current and past service personnel and their families and will help you choose between the great options exclusively available to the whole Defence Community. Get in touch with Milestone Direct by the methods below or find out more by visiting the Milestone Direct website.


Phone: 0508 MILESTONE (0508 645 378)
Web: Leave an online query

A Disclosure Statement is available on request and free of charge.

This page was last reviewed on 15 May 2018.