Where can people seek help?

If someone is in danger or you think someone could be harmed, call Police on 111.

For information on violence prevention services, call 0800 456 450 or search the Family Services Directory. Most services require you to go and talk to someone, but you can phone first and get more information.

The 0800 Family Violence Information Line (0800 456 450) provides self-help information and connects people to services, where appropriate. It is available seven days a week, from 0900 to 2300. 

The Family Services Directory lists social service organisations which provide services and programmes for New Zealand families.

It is OK to ask for help if:

  • you are worried about relationships in your family. Every person in a family whatever their age, status or gender deserves to be treated with respect. When blaming, criticising, arguing, withdrawing or dominating family relationships get damaged.
  • you or other family members are scared or frightened. Are you at risk? Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether things have become serious. If you are scared or frightened about being hurt, then it is already serious.
  • you don’t like your own behaviour. If family members are scared of you, find you hard to talk to or feel compelled to do what you want them to, you might need to consider changing your behaviour.
  • you are worried about someone else and want to know how to help them. This could be a colleague, friend, neighbour or family member. People who are experiencing violence often feel isolated and ashamed. Your support could be vital.
  • you don’t like the violence that is happening in our community and want to do something about it. Ideas, strategies and success stories for preventing family violence in our community are available on the “It’s not OK” campaign website (
This page was last reviewed on 13 July 2016.