What if they get angry or I'm rejected?

Don’t take it personally. Back off but let them know you are there if they need you.

People using or living with violence feel ashamed and find it hard to admit what is going on.

Don’t give up.

It can take a long time for victims to leave a violent relationship and for people with violent behaviour to change. In many cases, violence doesn’t happen all the time and victims may still love the person and nurture a hope that they will turn over a new leaf.

As a helper, simply being there can be a big help. Providing support and encouragement is the best way to help someone change.

You can have a positive influence by making a stand against family violence and letting people know that family violence is not OK and help is available.

If you think someone is in danger or may be harmed, call the Police on 111.

This page was last reviewed on 13 July 2016.