Where can I get more information?

Where can I get more information about family violence prevention services and programmes?

You may want to check the following websites:

Information about the “It’s not OK” campaign and a range of free resources

Information for women and children experiencing violence and for those who want to help them

Information about violence prevention services provided by the National Network of Stopping Violence Services

Information about a range of services offered to families, including counselling, education programmes and parenting programmes

Information on Auckland-based services for victims and people using violence

Up-to-date information, research, training materials and events related to family violence prevention

Information about family violence and the law, including protection orders

Manline is a Manawatu based men's counselling service aimed at promoting a non-violent lifestyle

Other useful resources:

Police family violence coordinators – every Police area and district has someone in this role. Contact your local Police station.

Family violence networks – most cities and towns have a network of community and government organisations that seek to improve local responses to family violence and lead local actions to prevent its occurrence.

This page was last reviewed on 13 July 2016.