NZDF Family and Whanau Support Services

One of the most important people you can meet at your local camp/base is your Family and Community Services support staff. There will be at least one of these support staff  at each camp/base who can help you find out about what is happening at your local camp/base.

These people are civilians and dedicated to helping our NZDF Families settle in and find their feet. (See the list below.)

If you do not feel comfortable using the camp/base support staff then there is also a number of places that you can go to in your local area for support services. Your local camp/base support staff will be able to link you with the right services outside of the NZDF or if you’re happy to look yourself then we’ve compiled a list of commonly used services which you can access -  Other family support information

Naval Community Organisation

  • 09 445 5534 or 0800 NAVYHELP (0800 628 94357) 

Army Community Services

  • Burnham Defence Community Facilitator: 03 363 0322
  • Burnham Deployment Services Officers: 0800 DEPLOY (0800 337 569)
  • Linton Defence Community Facilitator: 06 351 9970
  • Linton Deployment Services Officers: 0800 OVERSEAS (0800 683 77 327)
  • Papakura Defence Community Facilitators: 09 296 5744
  • Trentham Defence Community Facilitator: 04 527 5985 or 021 905 157
  • Waiouru Defence Community Facilitator: 06 387 5531

Air Force Community Facilitators

  • Air Staff Wellington: 04 496 0555 or 021 243 4108
  • Base Auckland: 09 417 7035
  • Base Ohakea: 06 3515 439
  • Base Woodbourne: 03 577 1177

Childcare and support

The NZDF cares about the future of our country and recognises the importance of supporting its people and their families - especially our young tamariki. There are a number of childcare services that are linked to each camp and base.

These services range from early childhood (under 5 years) to before or after school care and school holiday programmes.

There are a variety of child-friendly activities available on the camps and bases such as swimming lessons, gym, library activities. Contact your local Family and Community Services support staff (see contact list above) to see what's available near you.

School bus services

For those who are living on a camp or base there are school transport services at some locations.

Contact your nearest Family and Community Services Staff member (see contact list above) to find out more.

Ceremonies and Anniversaries

There are many formal events that happen within the NZDF. We encourage you to ask about these from your partner or your local Family and Community Services Contact.

Within each Mess there is a nominated point of contact who will look after partners of the members. They will also able to answer any questions you have about formal social functions that you will attend.

Contact your local Mess for more information.

This page was last reviewed on 28 September 2018.