NZDF Discounts

We recognise the importance that you, our families/whanau, have to the NZDF. The NZDF has negotiated a range of discounts for our personnel and their immediate family members.

Note: Record the serial number of your NZDF Family Discount Card when you are issued it.

     Defence Discount booklet [PDF, 4 MB, 71 pages]


The firms or companies concerned have provided the information set out in this site.
The NZDF accepts no liability for the accuracy of the information and personnel should make full enquiries before entering into any arrangement.
The NZDF does not offer any advice as to the merits of any of the offers or discounts described and does not sponsor or endorse any of them.
Any arrangement you make will be a private contract between you and the company concerned and the NZDF accepts no liability in respect of any such contract.

Discount Providers

Do you know any businesses that might be interested in supporting NZDF by providing a special discount to NZDF members and their families? We have a Letter of Invitation that you can now provide to any prospective discount providers.

This page was last reviewed on 17 December 2019.