F4F Discount Card

The NZDF Force 4 Families Discount Card is a great initiative to allow the chosen loved one of NZDF members to receive the same kinds of fantastic offers and discounts previously only available to our personnel. It's one way NZDF can say thank you to a force behind the Force!

Browse through the Discount Booklet to see the discounts available to you here.

If you don't have a card yet -  don't worry - its easy to get one. See below about how to get a card.

Force 4 Families Discount Card Update

The current Force 4 Families cards are due to expire on 30 June 2018. We have an exciting plan to develop a digital platform for the NZDF Force 4 Families discount scheme. However, in the meantime we are asking all our discount providers to acknowledge the expired Force 4 Families cards until this platform is up and running. As an NZDF member you can use your Military ID card to access discounts.

New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) families from the Wellington region spend a day at the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) Museum at Wigram, in Christchurch, after being flown down for the occasion by a RNZAF C-130H(NZ) Hercules aircraft.

How do I get a Force 4 Families Discount Card?
If you are new to NZDF life or have not received a card, please contact us along with your family members service number and request a card. You can also get a card from the friendly Family and Community Services staff at your local camp or base. In some places, DSS may hold stocks of cards as well.

What do I do if I have lost my discount card?
Please contact us if you have lost your card or ask the Family and Community Services / DSS staff at your local camp or base.

What can I do if my card is refused?
The NZDF takes no responsibility for the agreement between you and the business supplier. It may be that from time to time changes occur in the discount available from the supplier without NZDF knowledge. If you become aware that something has changed in one of our discounts please contact us.

Can I get a second card for other family members?
Not at this stage, currently each NZDF member is only entitled to one Force 4 Families card.

Discount Providers

Do you know any businesses that might be interested in supporting NZDF by providing a special discount to NZDF members and their families? We have a Letter of Invitation that you can now provide to any prospective discount providers.



This page was last reviewed on 27 June 2018.