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This website is for you – the friends and families who support our serving soldiers, officers, aircrew, sailors, and civilians. You have a special part to play in supporting NZDF personnel and our operations so we want to support and acknowledge you too.


Keep an eye on this site! There’s changing news and views, and a load of resources that will keep you in the loop and support you as a valued person to NZDF.  

If you have any ideas on what we can add then please contact us.

NZDF Force 4 Families Discounts

Have you checked out the NZDF Force 4 Families Force Discount Handbook lately?  It’s updated regularly with new providers and updated deals, you don’t want to miss. 

Discounts have been negotiated with a wide range of well known goods and services providers - such as accommodation and travel, tools and hardware, household goods, shoes, clothing, entertainment, gym services plus much more.

Find out what discounts are available here.

NZDF Supporters Medallion

The launch of the medallion, coincided with the United National International Day of Families – 15 May 2017.  Families Day is of special significance to Force 4 Families not only to promote family wellbeing but also as this was the day it was launched back in 2015.

The NZDF Supporters Medallion is a tangible recognition of the huge contribution that family members play in supporting personnel, and NZDF operations.

Family could be your best friend, your spouse or partner, children, a parent, an in-law – or anyone else in your life that you feel especially close to, who has supported and stood by you in the work that you do at NZDF.  The medallion is also for those wanting to show their support of NZDF.

The supporters medallion can be engraved with a personal message on the reverse.  Wear the medallion on the right-hand side to show your support for NZDF.

The medallion can be purchased from each of the service museums for $21.50 (plus postage): National Navy Museum, National Army Museum and the Air Force Museum.

Community Blog: Waiouru - The Little Fundraising Capital of the Central Plateau

In October last year, Rannerdale Veterans Hospital in Christchurch opened the new Jacinda Baker hospital ward, named  after LCpl Jacinda Baker, our Army medic, who along with 2 of her comrades, were killed in Afghanistan in August 2012.  Waiouru raised $5000 in 6 weeks to outfit one of these rooms and have that room named.  There is now a plaque on the first door in the ward reading “The Waiouru Room – the place which all soldiers must pass”.  Jacinda’s parents were at the opening of the new wing and were so proud.

Well, Waiouru continues to be a little hive of fundraising activity for the month of May and still going.  The yearly Pink Ribbon appeal is very well supported by our community, and the efforts of our workers doing the organising of a Pink Ribbon Breakfast, Pink Ribbon Bake Sales and a Pink Ribbon Trivia night contributed to our total of just over $3600.   WELL DONE WAIOURUITES…..

Currently being set up is a ‘Givealittle’ page for a gorgeous young man in our community named Elijah.  He is the third child of Tane and Laura North who have lived within our community here in Waiouru since Elijah was a wee baby.

After much medical deliberation, it has become evident that Elijah has microcephaly, an undiagnosed genetic condition where his little brain isn’t growing as it should.  This little man has 14 medical issues to deal with and his parents have found a Neurological & Physical Abilitation Centre (NAPA) in Australia that offers therapy programmes for children like Elijah, with disabilities. 

Tane & Laura have set a goal to take Elijah to this Centre to give him the best chance to develop, to have a better chance at a full life which will hopefully encourage movement, communication and the ability to positively contribute to society.  These trips will be ongoing yearly and each will cost approx. $10k, so we, the Waiouru community, have gotten together and fundraising opportunities have begun.  NZ RSA has been our first major contributor.  Please keep an eye out for this Givealittle page with the bank account number or support any fundraising efforts that may come your way.

I shall say it again, “Waiouru may only be a small community, but we have a “HUGE HEART”.

New to NZDF life?

If you’re new to the NZDF, or a recent partner of someone who serves, check out this information which will help you get an understanding of  how we can support you.

Are you posted?

If your partner is posted to a new location you may need support to help you settle in to your new surroundings.  Here is some information to help you.

Families of deployed personnel

Homebase is our key web resource to help you if your partner is deployed.  Go here to find out more

Other useful information

There are many facilities and services that you can access as an NZDF family:



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