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This website is for you – the friends and families who support our serving soldiers, officers, aircrew, sailors, and civilians. You have a special part to play in supporting NZDF personnel and our operations so we want to support and acknowledge you too.


Keep an eye on this site! There’s changing news and views, and a load of resources that will keep you in the loop and support you as a valued person to NZDF.  

If you have any ideas on what we can add then please contact us.

Force 4 Families Discount Card Update

All F4F cards are now expired and a new online system (a web-app) is currently in development to replace these cards. We hope to launch this by the end of the year (2019). In the meantime, we have asked the retailers to accept the expired cards while the new system is being developed. NZDF members can use their military ID to access discounts too. Updates on this will be placed on this website.

F4F Steering Group engaging with our Kakapa Manawa (pulse) of the Camps and Bases

F4F Steering Group engaging with our  Kakapa Manawa (pulse) of the Camps and Bases

NZDC along with F4F are proud to advise that you and your family can now get 50% off Open Polytechnic courses

Thanks to a project led by the New Zealand Defence College (NZDC), a 50% discount on Open Polytechnic courses is now available to all NZDF personnel and their whānau.

The NZDF has a long-term partnership with the Open Polytechnic – New Zealand’s specialist provider of online and distance education. The Open Polytechnic is another learning pathway for personnel and their whānau to upskill and retrain in a way that suits the unique NZDF lifestyle. Whether you are moving regularly, or simply do not have the time to attend face-to-face classes, distance learning allows you and your whānau to take control over how, where and when you learn.

There are a range of programmes available to suit your interests, including business, foundational studies, and engineering technology. Click here to view all of the courses offered by Open Polytechnic.

The Integrated Wellness Directorate as part of the Force 4 Families (F4F) have partnered with New Zealand Defence College to launch this exciting offer, and are thrilled that the discount was extended to our valued whānau. This is an example of the collaboration and integration of the People Capability Portfolio and Health Directorate in order to support our whānau to make the most of the NZDF way of life. NZDF are committed to developing strong and connected families.

How to apply:

  • NZDF personnel please apply through the NZDF Voluntary Education Study Assistance programme.
  • NZDF families please contact us to request code to obtain this discount online.

Acknowledgement of the HQNZDF Force 4 Families outgoing chair

Force 4 Families started as a vision in 2014 that was about recognising, valuing and supporting NZ Defence families and acknowledging that our families are part of a special support and enabling force.

During this period, the Force 4 Families Steering Group (F4F SG) has been chaired by Mrs Brenda Keating. The group has influenced and driven positive changes, along with introducing new initiatives for Defence personnel and their families.  Some of these highlights include, the establishment of the F4F discount scheme, the release of the NZDF supporter’s medallion and the ‘So Special’ story book which is a resource for Defence families of deployed personnel.

Thanks go to Mrs Brenda Keating for providing the passion and drive to establish both a group and a brand that will endure and continue to advocate for Defence personnel and their families. The next stage for Force 4 Families will see an attempt to expand and establish regional Force 4 Families project groups that will shape and identify their unique local context, while championing programmes and support to help train, maintain and retain connected, strong Defence families.

The Integrated Wellness Directorate will continue to support the Force 4 Families initiative.

Community Blog: Kiwi Bounce

Air Force and Navy families in Wellington joined together this school holidays, to spend a couple of hours at Kiwi Bounce this school holidays. We had 35 participants from Wellington Navy and 36 from Air Force families.

Having the venue to ourselves was a fun and relaxed afternoon. It was great to see parents and grandparents catching up with old friends and meeting new people. It’s always great to see the children having fun, jumping and bouncing and spending time together.

Feedback on the day from adults and children was very positive about the venue and it’s location, so we will definitely look at doing this again next year!

Read more of our community blog here.

New to NZDF life?

If you’re new to the NZDF, or a recent partner of someone who serves, check out this information which will help you get an understanding of  how we can support you.

Are you posted?

If your partner is posted to a new location you may need support to help you settle in to your new surroundings.  Here is some information to help you.

Families of deployed personnel

Homebase is our key web resource to help you if your partner is deployed.  Go here to find out more

Other useful information

There are many facilities and services that you can access as an NZDF family:



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