Joint guidance for New Zealand Defence Force, Police, Fire and Emergency New Zealand and ambulance services

  • Law, order and emergency service agencies such as fire and emergency, ambulance, police and have been given essential service status under the current Covid-19 alert level 4. To ensure these first responders are able to maintain their operational readiness and ability to respond to emergency calls for assistance from the public some of the many and varied businesses that support first responders will also require essential service designation, either wholly or in part.
  • Examples include those service providers that undertake emergency and reactive repairs and maintenance to our vehicles and our various properties, such as fire and ambulance stations for example. Other essential service businesses might include suppliers and repairers of critical protective clothing and response-related equipment as well as those organisations that support, maintain and fix our various IT and telecommunications systems.
  • First response agencies will take a considered but stringent view of what businesses should legitimately be designated as essential service providers and are very aware of the government’s requirement to comply with the intent of the Level 4 alert. Undertaking routine maintenance and supply of non-essential resources would not constitute essential service however, we may require such businesses to maintain and sustain a minimum capability to respond to priority and urgent requests for supplies and/or repairs to key infrastructure. For any businesses that are designated as essential or asked to maintain and sustain a minimum capability, we would expect stringent protocols in place around health measures and contact tracing.
  • First response agencies are undertaking a more detailed review of their current service providers to ensure the intent of the Level 4 alert is being complied with but also ensuring emergency response capability is not unduly or unnecessarily compromised over the next 4 weeks.
  • The NZDF point of contact is the Commander Logistics, Commodore Andrew Brown, RNZN
This page was last reviewed on 30 March 2020.