Budget Documents

The annual Budget is the principle mechanism through which the Government reallocates existing resources and provides a limited amount of new resources, in order to achieve its desired outcomes and objectives within its fiscal policy objectives.  Like all other Government Departments, the NZDF is required to budget for and seek the required funding from the Government, on an annual basis, to enable it to deliver on defence policy objectives required of it.  This funding goes towards, in the main, the delivery of NZDF outputs (operating funding) and the upgrading and/or replacement of military equipment and infrastructure (capital funding). The whole budget process comes to a culmination on Budget Day (normally in late May/early June each year) with the tabling in the House of Representatives of the "Budget" - the Estimates of Appropriations.

The documents in this section are the Budget documents tabled for the NZDF under Vote Defence Force.  From 2013-14, Vote Veterans' Affairs was merged into Vote Defence Force.

2017 Budget documents

Archived reports

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