Minister of Veterans' Affairs

Hon David Bennett

Hon David Bennett, Minister of Veterans' Affairs

David is the MP for Hamilton East, winning the seat in 2005 with a majority of 8820.

David is focused on serving the constituents of Hamilton East. He is always ready to learn about their individual needs and enjoys getting out and meeting members of his community.

David was born in Hamilton and attended St John's College in Hamilton. David studied at Victoria University of Wellington, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws with Honours and a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration. He then worked for an international accountancy firm, KPMG, in Auckland and then undertook a successful career in the dairy industry.

On a personal level, David is a keen soccer, squash and tennis player and enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

One of David's main concerns as the local MP for Hamilton East is transport, and he was the Chair of the Transport and Industrial Relations Select Committee. He campaigned strongly for the Waikato Expressway and it was endorsed at the last election, with a promise that it would be completed within 10 years.

David believes in the strong prospects for growth in Hamilton in the future. The Government is supporting this growth through the provision of infrastructure and the announcements of Hamilton as one of the first cities to benefit from the ultra-fast broadband rollout in New Zealand. David also worked hard to see progression of state education opportunities for Years 7-13 students in the north-east of the electorate. The recent announcements in this area are pleasing to see occurring.

David is also focused on education, economic issues and immigration. Hamilton is a rapidly growing city and faces the challenges of a major metropolitan area. David is a strong advocate for the city and its people and enjoys the many and diverse groups in Hamilton East. He very much supports the migrant communities in his area and sees continued growth in these communities in the future.

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