Roll of Honour

The Roll of Honour lists those individuals who have died during training or on operational service with New Zealand’s Special Operations Forces.


34872 Tpr A.R. Thomas 2 May 1956 Killed in action, Malaya
208743 Cpl A.G. Buchanan 11 May 1957 Died on operations, Malaya
38771 Tpr F.M. van Oorschot 19 January 1961 Killed in training, Hunua
645961 LCpl P.T. Harawira 7 September 1961 Killed in training, Taupiri
41240 Sgt G.J. Campbell 14 January 1970 Killed in action, Vietnam
373390 LCpl G. Porter 14 August 1970 Died in training, Meremere
J80163 WO2 R.D. Heywood 26 February 1981 Killed in training, Philippines
40897 Sgt D.M. Terry 26 February 1981 Killed in training, Philippines
F47178 Cpl R. Ngaira 25 January 1984 Died in training, Arthur’s Pass
F757211 LCpl D.A. Flanagan 16 June 1995 Killed in training, Zimbabwe
Q994810 A/Maj J. McNutt 13 March 2001 Killed in training, Kuwait
Q90427 FSgt A. Forster 19 November 2009 Killed on EOD operation, Waiouru
P754045 Cpl D. Grant 19 August 2011 Killed in action, Afghanistan
T1002840 LCpl L. Smith 28 September 2011 Killed in action, Afghanistan
M995290 Sgt W.R. Taylor 13 October 2017 Died in training, Hauraki Gulf
S1019698 LCpl N.R. Kahotea 8 May 2019 Died in training, Ardmore


New Zealand Special Forces memorial wall at Papakura Military Camp

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