About Us

The New Zealand Defence Force is spread across camps and bases throughout New Zealand. Its national strategic headquarters are in Wellington and the operational joint headquarters are at Trentham in Upper Hutt.

The Chief of Defence Force commands the Defence Force and is supported by the Chief of Navy, Chief of Army, Chief of Air Force and the Joint Force Commander. This section details the structure and personnel who command the Defence Force, and presents in-depth information about the functions of Headquarters New Zealand Defence Force.


To secure New Zealand against external threat, to protect our sovereign interests, including within the Exclusive Economic Zone, and to be able to take action to meet likely contingencies in our strategic area of interest.


Joint Operational Excellence - means we are integrated in the way we work, train and operate at home and abroad.

Roles and Challenges

The New Zealand Defence Force is charged with the defence of the nation, the security of its interests, and the protection of its fundamental values and institutions. New Zealand has a reputation as a good international citizen, and the NZDF is often responsible for maintaining and enhancing this status throughout the world.

Our Values

The Defence Force will achieve its vision through shared cultural values among its people based on the following four core tenets: Courage, Commitment, Comradeship and Integrity.


Courage means being brave enough to do what one believes is right.


Commitment means loyally serving the interests of the NZDF and the New Zealand Government.  Commitment requires personnel to work together as one team in serving the interests of all New Zealanders. This requires individuals putting others before self when necessary. The CDF, single Service Chiefs and Joint Force Commander are committed to working together for the well-being of all Defence Force personnel.


Comradeship means embracing the bonds of friendship as both a necessity and a benefit of the job.


Integrity means acting honourably to bring credit to the NZDF and New Zealand. This requires all individuals within the New Zealand Defence Force to be transparent in their dealings with each other and consistent in the performance of their duties. The CDF, the single Service Chiefs and the Joint Force Commander will lead with integrity.

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